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Phase 11

The development project for phase 11 will be designed and implemented to supply the required sour gas to "Iran LNG" unit and produce associated gas condensates.

 Technical Specifications of the Project:
    Gas production amounting to 2000 MMscf/d from South Pars Gas Field
    Extraction of 1900 MMscf/d sour gas to feed LNG Plant 
    Production of 80,000 bbl/d of heavy gas condensates,

 Offshore Facilities:
Two stand alone platforms each equipped with the following facilities:
    12 wells for producing 1000 MMscf/d of gas;
    Three-phase test separator (gas, condensate and water) for testing the wells;
    Two three-phase separators (gas, condensate and water) for water separation;
    Water treatment unit for treatment of the water polluted with oil products before being discharged to the sea;
    Tripod flare platform for emergency de-pressurizing;
    Two 32-inch sea lines, 136 Km. long each, for transferring the gas produced in the platforms to the processing unit;
    Two 4.5-inch sea lines for transferring glycol solution to the offshore platforms.
   36-inch gas condensate transfer pipeline, 4.5 Km. long and and Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) to load and export the produced condensates.

 Onshore Facilities:
    The slug catcher and condensate-water separators;
    Gas condensate storage unit and the equipment for dispatching it to the shore
    Mono Ethylene Glycol Regeneration Unit 
    Utilities including steam, water and miscellaneous services such as Nitrogen, air, etc.;
    Industrial waste water and sanitary water treatment;
    Flaring systems for emergency de-pressurizing;
    Fire fighting water system (tank, pumps and network);
    Control rooms, electricity substations, laboratory, warehouse, workshop, offices, etc.
    Gas and diesel fuel system of the processing unit,

The onshore facilities of the project are to be constructed some 136 kilometers away from the offshore facilities, in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone 2 (PSEEZ-2).

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