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Date: Monday, December 12, 2016
Phase 19 gas extractionfrom South Pars field reach 42 mcm

The managing executer of phase 19 of South Pars reported of the increase in the phase gas production and stated that with the operationalization of 19A platform, the daily gas extraction of the phase from the South Pars would be increased to 42 million cubic meters per day.

As reported by the public relations of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), HamidrezaMasoudi stated that currently and only of platforms 19A, 19C, and SPD2, about 42 million cubic meters of rich sour gas are extracted from the South Pars common field which sent to the refineries of the mentioned phase.

The managing executer of phase 19 also commented about the production of the sweet gas in the sweetening rows of the phase.He announced that the rows 1, 3, and 4 are in the operationalization tropic and about 37 million cubic meters of sweet & processed gas would be injected to the 6th line after finalizing the refining processes.

Masoudi announced the production of more than 5 million barrels of gas condensates in the phase and stated that 4.5 million barrels of the same product have been exported to the target markets.

The managing executer of phase 19 pointed to the full operationalization and finalization of gas receipt units in the refinery and added that the available gas condensates of sour gas of the platforms are categorized and transmitted to the gas condensates stabilization unit and after being processed, the product would be kept in gas condensates storage tanks.

He stated that the mentioned units are in the production and added: “one of the compressors belonging to the gas condensates unit has been put in the production and the other compressor is ready for being operationalized”.

Pointing to the great records in the phase 19 of South Pars, he stated that setting up and production of gas from 3 platforms with the total capacity of 1.5 billion cubic feet, the fastest installment record, setting up and production of gas from platform 19(within 70 days), and 3 sweetening rows within a 7-months period have been unprecedented since South Pars beginning.

The executer of phase 19 counted the weekly production of gas in this phase as 254 million cubic meters and stated that about 3.2 billion cubic meters of gas have been produced since the sweet gas production activities.

Announcing that the first row of Butane and Propane of phase 19 would be operationalized by December mid, Masoudi stated that with the finalization of two trains of LPG, 2800 tons of Propane and Butane would be produced in this phase each day.

He added: “With the made schedule, it is prognosticated that the last remained platform of phase 19 with the extraction capacity of 500 million cubic feet of gas would be loaded from the industrial yard of IOEC in Khoramshahr by January 2017 and its operationalization procedures would be done a week after its installment procedures in March”.

Pointing to the environmental obligations, the managing executer of the phase 19 of South Pars stated that the hired procedures in order to reduce the gas burning in this phase have been notable. He added: “With the operationalization of the Off-Gas compressors of the second row of gas condensates stabilization units & the Regeneration compressors of 1st, 2nd and 4th rows of sweetening, the daily waste and gas burning of 4 million cubic meters of gas in this phase has been avoided.

Masoudi emphasized on the efforts made by the employer and contractor of the development project of phase 19 in reducing the pollution of gas-burning in the phase and claimed that two rows of the Sulfur recovery unit would be operationalized fully by January. 

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