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Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016
South Pars Phase 13 first tripod and deck installed

As reported by public relations of pars oil and gas company(pogc), Payyam Motamed, the director of development plan for phase 13, announced that tripod and flare deck of the phase 13 platform weighing 523 tones was already finalized  during 4 months since the beginning of the construction in industrial yard of SADRA in June 2016.

Motamed added: steel structures in its deadline on November 11th, were loaded off the mentioned yard, and braced on the barge then transferred to offshore location of the phase 13.

He stated that it has taken 9 days to install the tripod without considering the adverse weather conditions.

Pointing to proceeding of platform construction activities and offshore equipments of the phase 13, Motamed continued that construction of the second tripod is almost finished and will be ready to install in the offshore location of 13D by February 2017.

Previously, the director of development plan of phase 13, had declared that constructing platforms and their accessory equipments had been possessed of reasonable rate in the yard of SADRA, concerning the appropriate financial resources provided by national Iranian oil company (NIOC) and the accurate supervision made by pars oil and gas company (POGC).

 He also claimed: “this cycle would progress gradually by applying more merchandizes imported in the coming months”

Pointing to loading and installing the decks of B and D of the same phase by May 2017, Motamed had said:”completion of drilling before the installation, Pre-commissioning and initiation, will be ended to the maximum of five months and these platforms will be prepared to send gas to onshore refineries of the phase 13, located in the site of Akhtar.” 

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