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Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018
South pars phase 13; second sweetening row launched
ASSALUYEH – after pre-commissioning and commissioning tests, the second sweetening row of phase 13 was launched.
The row has been now put into operation with daily production of 7 MCM of gas. Gradually it will reach to its complete capacity, that is, 14.2 MCM per day.
South pars phase 13 director, Payyam Motamed, said the first row of the refinery was launched on March 19. Now, 9 MCM of SP6-8 sour gas is sweetened by the mentioned row then transferred to the grid. By launching the second row of this plan, SP13 is getting ready to receive almost half of its final capacity.
Launched the other two by the end of coming summer, this plan, altogether with 4 sweetening row, will produce more than 50 million cubic meters per day.
Elimination of barriers, preparation of processing units, acceleration at the time of receiving gas from offshore sector were significantly affected by these two launch. By operating the platforms of this plan in six months, SP13 gas production will be started and replaced with SP6-8 sour gas.
In the last two months, the 3rd turbo compressor belonged to the gas transfer unit along with the 1st refrigeration cycle compressor were launched with 93.2% of progress. Regarding the gradual launch of various sectors, strict control by the contractors to enforce safety instructions is under the highest supervision of the employer.
South pars phase 13 has been designed to extract 56 million cubic meters of sour gas, daily production of 50 million cubic meters of methane, 2900 tons of liquid gas (LPG), 2750 tons of ethane, 75000 barrels of gas condensate, and 400 tons of sulfur.

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