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Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018
SP22-24; first platform installed
ASSALUYEH – following the successful construction and transfer operation, the first SP22-24 platform was installed on its location with a new record in an operation less than 2 hours.
SP22-24 director, Farhad Izadjoo, said the platform 22, with the weight of 2300 tons, was installed last night by an installer vessel called HL5000 when drilling operations as well as the platform construction had been completed. As anticipated, this platform will be operational by means of technical teams after hook-up operations (connecting the platform and accessories to the wells) by the end of this November.
Platform 22 is among those ten platforms which constructed in SADRA yard in a joint collaboration agreement between pars oil and gas company (POGC) and Iranian marine industries company (SADRA). This platform was loaded out by the crane vessel named HL5000 and carried out to the location by a barge called FLB124.
Technically speaking, the platform 22 has been made of 33000-inch-diameter pipes for pipeline, 82355 meters of cabling, and 3830 meters of tubing operations. In addition, this platform entails 57 process and mechanical equipments which 2,330,000 hour taken per person to execute its construction.
The platform 22 is to produce and transfer hydrocarbon materials which has been constructed and installed by Iranian experts and most equipment required have been supplied from domestic sources. Having launched, 500 million cubic feet of gas (14.2 million cubic meters) equivalent to 1/2 of a standard gas phase will be added to the country's gas production capacity.
Pointing to the construction of three other platforms in SADRA yard, Izadjoo added up at present the progresses made for the main and satellite platforms of 24A, 23, and 24B are 94.5%, 91.2%, and 84.2% respectively.
Main platforms 22 and 23 have been connected to the satellite platforms 24A and 24B by means of 18 and 20-inch pipelines respectively and to the onshore facilities by two 32-inch pipelines that the gas produced from these platforms will be transferred to refinery then processed and injected to the grid.
South pars phases 22-23-24 have been designed to extract 56 million cubic meters of sour gas, daily production of 50 million cubic meters of methane, 2900 tons of liquid gas (LPG), 2750 tons of ethane, 75000 barrels of gas condensate, and 400 tons of sulfur. This project is being implemented with the consortium including Iranian marine industrial company (SADRA), petrosina Aria Company.

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