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  South Pars Gas Field 
South Pars gas field is one of the largest independent gas reservoirs in the world lying on the territorial border between Iran and the State of Qatar in the Persian Gulf. It is one of the country's main energy resources. This gas field covers an area of 9700 square kilometers, of which 3700 square kilometers belongs to Iran. The Iranian portion is estimated to contain some 14 TCM of gas reserves and some 18 bn bl of gas condensates. This amounts to roughly 7.5 % of the world gas reserves and approximately half of the Iran’s gas reserves.
Presently, some precise and sophisticated projects have been designed for development of 24phases to produce 790 million cubic meters of gas per day. 

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  North Pars Gas Field 
North Pars Gas Field is one of the biggest independent gas fields of the country. This field which was discovered in 1967 is located some 120 kilometers south east of Bushehr in water depths of 2 to 30 meters in the Persian Gulf. In 1963, exploration activities started in this field with carrying out seismic tests and the first exploration well was completed in 1967.The total volume of the gas in place of this field is about 58.9 TCF and the recoverable volume of sour gas is approximately 47.2 TCF. The first design to operate this field was approved in 1977 and after drilling 17 wells and installation of 26 maritime platforms and due to commencement of Islamic revolution and the imposed war the project quitted.

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  Golshan Gas Field 
On 26th December 2007, a Buyback Contract for Development of Golshan Gas Field was signed between the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and Malaysian SKS International Oil & Gas Co. The duration of the contract will be 66 months. Golshan Gas Field is located approximately 65 KM, southwest of Iranian Coasts in the Persian Gulf. The Buyback Contract was endorsed by NIOC Board of Directors on 1st January 2008, effective on the same date.

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  Ferdowsi Gas Field 
On 27th December 2007, a Buyback Contract for development of FERDOWSI Gas Field was signed between the National Iranian Oil company (NIOC) and Malaysian SKS International Oil & Gas Co. The duration of the contract, taking into account Golshan Gas Filed, is 66 months. FERDOWSI Gas Field is located approximately 30 KM, west of Golshan Gas Field in the Persian Gulf. The buyback contract was endorsed by NIOC’s Board of Directors on the early days of January 2008, effective on the same date.

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  Oil Layers of South Pars Gas Field 
The development project for producing oil from the oil layers of the South Pars gas field which is a joint reservoir with the State of Qatar will be carried out in two stages. In the first stage of the project, 35,000 bl/d of crude oil will be produced. After implementation of the first stage of the project and reviewing the reservoir behavior, the second stage of the project will be implemented to produce 54000 bl/d of oil, if deemed feasible economically. The project for the development of oil layers in South Pars gas field was awarded to PetroIran in mid March 2005. At present, the executive stages of this project and the operation for construction of offshore facilities has been started.

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  About P.O.G.C 
Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), a subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), was established in 1998. POGC’s mandate is the development of the South Pars gas field and North Pars gas field respectively.Decisiveness of the Ministry of Petroleum to uphold and exploit the Islamic Republic of Iran rights in the ....

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POGC is a developmental and manufacturing organization that specializes in the fields of engineering and management of development projects, production, operation and integrated management of oil and gas reservoirs. POGC’s mission is to ensure sustainable and preservative production and development of Iran’s oil and gas industry...

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Preserving national interests.
Self sufficiency in oil and gas industry related industries.
Growth in GNI (Gross National Income).
Creating job opportunities.
Technology transfer.

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