Thursday, February 25, 2021
Operation Commencement at the First LPG Loading Jetty in Tombak Export Port

Operation Commencement at the First LPG Loading Jetty in Tombak Export Port

The first liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) loading jetty for export at the port of Tombak in South Pars is now in operation according to Pars Oil and Gas Company’s CEO, Mr. Meshkinfam.

Development and completion of this port has been proceeding according to plan, says Mr. Meshkinfam; and through the delivery of this project and landing of the first ship, we have successfully loaded and exported 6700 tons of LPG from Tombak port.

All necessary arrangements for LPG export from Tombak export port are now in place; and by next week, a 44 thousand-ton vessel for loading and export of Pars II LPG products will enter the port.

We will also continue our efforts to complete the remaining sections simultaneously, commented Pars Oil and Gas Company’s CEO.

Construction of 6 pipelines for transfer of LPG from South Pars phases 13, 22, 23 and 24 to Tombak export port is finalized, added Mr. Meshkinfam. At present, warm LPG products are exported, while by completion of the remaining activities, cold LPG from the aforementioned phases will be loaded and exported form Pars II export port.

While LPG loading in two tanks at South Pars phases 22 to 24 is in motion, we will ensure that required conditions for LPG loading in phase 13 tanks will be also available by March 2021.

South Pars combined cycle power plant will be put in operation

Remarking on his latest visit of the ongoing construction of South Pars combined cycle power plant, Pars Oil and Gas Company’s CEO said: “we are at the final stages of construction in 4 units of the 6 power generation units of Be’sat combined cycle power plant in South Pars, expecting to commence operation in May 2021, with the 2 remaining units concluding in the ensuing 3 months. Accordingly, the combined cycle section will be fully operational by September 2021.

As stated by Mr. Meshkinfam, this power plant will increase South Pars Be’sat power plant capacity by 500 megawatts, reaching a nominal capacity of 1500 megawatts.

This power plant plays an important role in South Pars power generation cycle, providing the required power for 13 refineries in South Pars, as well as peripheral facilities and shared utilities, while making it possible to add the excess power to the national power grid, added Mr. Meshkinfam.

Construction progress in this power plant is satisfactory and near completion. In the meantime, the required coordination for presence of equipment suppliers during commissioning operations of the project is underway. Regarding the latest progress of phase 14 refinery and considering the priorities of the sweetening and utility units, Mr. Meshkinfam said the utilities are set for operation, and will commence production by the end of March 2021.

Remaining equipment required for the first train of the sweetening unit in this refinery are being manufactured by foreign vendors, according to Pars Oil and Gas Company’s CEO, and will be delivered and installed by the middle of spring 2021.

He concluded that by May 2021, the first sweetening train in phase 14 will be ready for operation.

Gas production above NIOC’s approved plan

Mr. Meshkinfam stated that gas production in South Pars field has been 16 million cubic meters more than National Iranian Oil Company’s approved plan for this year, producing 692 million cubic meters of rich gas from the field in comparison to the planned 676 million cubic meters.

Highlighting the possibility of increasing gas production at the upstream level, Pars Oil and Gas Company’s CEO emphasized that gas production is regulated by country’s gas consumption requirements and if necessary, we can produce even more from South Pars gas field.

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