Saturday, January 1, 2022
Gas Leakage at South Pars Phase 16 Offshore Pipeline Contained

Gas Leakage at South Pars Phase 16 Offshore Pipeline Contained

TEHRAN (POGC) -- Following leakage from the offshore pipeline of South Pars Phase 16, plans are being made to carry out repairs and resume production at the phase’s platform.
Following news of a fire in one of the South Pars gas platforms, no fire occurred in the platform of Phase 16 and the offshore facilities of the project are safe.

Yesterday (Friday, December 31), the gas pipeline of platform 16 leaked on the seabed, but immediately after checking and identifying location of the leakage, the outlets of the platform were closed and the leak was completely contained.

Following the incident and due to the lightning strike on the water surface, the gas released on the water surface and at a distance of 15 km from the platform caught fire, which was immediately contained after gas production was halted.

At present, platform 16 of South Pars is not productive and plans are underway to repair and resume its production.
Despite the incident, Pars Oil and Gas Company, while compensating the gas deficit from other platforms, is committed to maintaining production according to the approved plan.

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