Report on the Implementation and Realization of E-Government in Pars Oil and Gas Company
E-government is one of the most common notions in the world today which is regarded as the result of the use of information and communication technologies in the public sector. Given the many benefits that e-government has for countries, assessment of its progress is also of overriding importance. In order for the National Iranian Oil Company to implement the general policies of the administrative system announced by the Supreme Leader, as well as the instructions and circulars issued by the government and upstream organizations regarding electronic development, it has taken measures by using all organizational capacities to steer the goals outlined towards the comprehensive e-government development plan so that the company can play an important role in the implementation of the administrative system.

The measures are as follows:
-Reviewing and updating the service of POGC in the Service Management System of the Administrative and Recruitment Organization of Iran at
-Preparing and publishing IDs for the approved services on the website of POGC at
-Preparing and publishing service level agreement for all services in accordance with the standards announced by the Administrative and Recruitment Organization of Iran on the website of POGC at
-Developing and presenting an operational plan for the development of e-government in accordance with the comprehensive three-year plan of the administrative system
-Preparing up-to-date IDs for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects related to the services
-Delivering services electronically; applicants can request a service through Inspection and Response to Complaints under the service desk menu of portal.
-Configured according to the standards provided by the Administrative and Recruitment Organization of Iran, the website enjoys all the following features.

1.Website user-friendliness (searchability- ability to run in all browsers- ability to run on portable devices)
2.Transparency of the website (displaying the date of updating on the first page of the website- publishing novel notices and circulars- publishing contact numbers- publishing service ID- publishing the structure, name and title of the managers and making direct contact with them on the website- showing the date for all website content).
3.Quality of website services (method and quality of service information in accordance with the instructions issued by the organization - conducting a poll about each service)
4.Website availability (Availability of the website in a second language - the standard domain name of the website as well as the standard speed of loading the website)
5.Availability of information (Frequently asked questions - links to different organizations - using domestic social networking tools - Publishing reports of the organization - Publishing news of tenders and auctions, and linking to the headquarters system)
6.Presenting the privacy statement on the website of the National Iranian Oil Company at

* Selected based on the objectives of the three-year plan to reform the administrative system under prioritized services, the process reform was determined and implemented based on specific indicators of remedial actions.

-Making use of novel technologies in providing service, for example Pars oil and Gas e-Tendering System
-Providing services electronically at the service desk at
-Having an organizational e-mail
-Automating the administrative correspondence process and utilizing the global network within the organization
-Electronic collection and analysis of public opinions
-Using a valid electronic signature in a number of systems
-Obtaining approval from the public key infrastructure (PKI) labs, approved by the government center for Issuance of digital signature certificate (IRAN Governmental Root Certification Authority (CA))
-Obtaining security certificates from the Passive Defense Organization of Iran
-Presenting legal requirements in the service desk menu of the portal of the National Iranian Oil Company at
-Participating in the assessment of organizations such as the Administrative and Recruitment Organization and the Information Technology Organization

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