North Pars Gas Fied

North Pars gas field is one of the largest gas fields in Iran situated at 120 kilometers South-East of Bushehr port, 15 kilometers from the shore. The field was explored in 1967. Hydrocarbon reservoirs exist at an approximate depth of 4000 meters over an area of 500 square kilometers with an estimated gas in place of 1668 billion cubic meters and expected gas production of 1337 billion cubic meters.

According to the latest studies on the field, North Pars has the potential to produce 4 billion cubic feet of gas per day in four standard phases. It is projected to produce 20 million tons of LNG per year from North Pars gas field.

Pars Oil and Gas Company has initiated the development of North Pars gas in view of the increase in domestic and industrial consumption of natural gas in Iran along with the increased demand for natural gas export to Iran’s neighboring countries considering the strategical location of Iran in the Middle East.

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