The share of the country's gross national income has increased with the development of various phases of the South Pars gas field, which has created a novel and significant perspective on the growth and prosperity of the oil and gas industry. According to BP's annual statistical survey of the world energy status, Iran is now the third largest producer of gas after the United States and Russia following the increase in gas output in the South Pars gas field.

The multifaceted effects of South Pars gas field development on the national economy and energy level can be seen in the country's gas supply, improvement of industrial development infrastructure and job creation, development of petrochemical industry, promotion of the country among gas producers in the world, diversification of the country's export basket and self-sufficiency in He considered the production of gasoline and the need to import this product strategic.

Implementation of various South Pars projects in Bushehr province, southern Iran, have led to elimination of deprivation and poverty, creation of industrial, service and customs activities, transportation, oil and gas industries, construction of airports, construction of transportation highways, development of a communication network, expansion of an electricity network and tourism industry.

Job creation is another one of the most important achievements of the creation and development of different phases of the South Pars gas field. The average direct and indirect daily employment in each of the thirteen projects of South Pars during the construction period (about 5 years) was about 10,000 people while more than 150 domestic companies at different levels contributed to the development of the gas field.

Currently, there are about 20,000 people working in the platforms and refineries under construction in South Pars, and after completion of all the projects, the number of employees will reach about 25,000.

On the other hand, more than 100,000 people are currently working on petrochemical projects and complexes. The region is envisaged to turn into the largest industrial hub of energy production in the world, which will pave the way for laying the foundations for Iran's economic and social development in the coming years.

The achievements of the development of the South Pars gas field phases can be outlined as follows:
-Protection of national interests
-Achieving self-sufficiency in industries related to the oil and gas industry
-Gross national income growth
-Job creation
-Transfer of technical savvy
-Creating a spirit of self-confidence and reliance on domestic industries
-Encouraging, motivating and supporting companies active in the oil and gas industry and public contractors
-Increasing the share of domestic industries in construction and development of the South Pars gas field
-Growth of domestic manufacturers
-Growth of Iranian contractors and consultants
-Technological upgrades
-Development of industrial, training and scientific jobs in the country
-Self-sufficiency in Iran’s petrol production
-Diversification to the country's export portfolio (natural gas, petrochemicals, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gas condensate, electricity, petrol, etc.)
-Enhanced economic resilience
-Development of petrochemical industries
-Urban and rural gas supply

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