POGC Vision Document, Mission and Values
We are a world-class production and development management company in the oil and gas industry and a reference among developing countries by 2025.

Measure Taking Approach
Becoming a world-class international entity and a reference among developed countries based on meritocracy and human resources with experience, skills, knowledge and culture at the level of international standards and in line with strategy, excellence in management of development plans as well as production and operation, as a learning and transcendent organization with emphasis on productivity and effective management of technology and development of joint ventures and international relations while observing corporate social responsibility directives.

At International Level
A world-class production and management company and a reference in the oil and gas industry with a strong status at the international level and with an increasing presence in the target markets designated by the National Iranian Oil Company

Within the Country
Leader and forerunner in the country in production and development in the gas industry, and able to properly and sustainably recover from joint fields

Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC)" is a production and development management company that operates in the value chain of the oil and gas industry in the production and development of fields with a focus on joint fields and performs supportive measures with synergy and value creation. Likewise, by taking optimal measures and observing the principles and framework governing the National Iranian Oil Company, POGC seeks to help develop the national economy and meet the needs of key stakeholders and society through sustainable development and maximum value creation.

Values The Islam-based values of Pars Oil and Gas Company are as follows:
- Safety, health and environmental friendliness
- Teamwork, accountability and meritocracy
- Organizational excellence and learning and being outcome-oriented
- Creativity, innovation and production
- Knowledge sharing
- Business ethics
- Integrity, honesty and adherence to individual and organizational commitments
- Safeguarding and preserving national resources

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