Contracts and Legal Affairs Department is responsible for the following duties:

1- To produce tender and auction documents and papers, and carry out all tender processes and purchasing consulting services and transaction processes, leading to conclusion of contracts in various grounds,
2- To prepare and draw up contracts based on tender terms and conditions and job descriptions and standards of the company as well as their compliance with international trade rules and regulations in executing international contracts and also internal regulations and procedures in executing local contracts,
3- To supervise and control the judicial assistance of staff members that have committed unintentional crimes when performing their functions before judicial authorities, to defend them, to seek the consent of the claimants in investigation and court proceedings and to conclude contracts with attorneys at law for follow-up of the above-mentioned duties,
4- To examine and express opinion on the correspondences regarding the company’s disputes with domestic and foreign contractors and examine the tax, insurance and executive disagreements of the contracts and to present legal opinions on the interpretation of provisions of the contracts and agreements and approve the clearance of contractors’ letters of guarantee, to decide on the competency and ranking of the contractors and other legal and consulting services,
5- To present consultation, explanations and guidance to the directorates regarding the philosophy and methods of contracts and their commercial and legal concepts, and also to amend and improve the methods, regulations and instructions,
6- To cooperate and present necessary guidance to other managers of the company, organizations and directors of the projects for carrying out contract affairs including running the negotiations with contractors and issues related to domestic and foreign insurance policies,
7- To supervise and superintend the negotiations carried out with Iranian and foreign contractors, consultants and producers and make endeavors to preserve the company’s interests,
8- To manage and have an active presence in the meetings related to buyback contracts, special commissions on tenders, contractors of the projects and other affairs related to the contracts and to run contractual negotiations with contractors and consultants and finalize the contracts and settle the mutual disputes,
9- To study, determine and evaluate the capability and efficiency of Iranian and foreign contractors, consultants and producers and provide the directorates and tender commission with suggestions regarding the qualified contractors for their participation in tenders,
10- To superintend and get assurance from the legal opinions concerning the issues and problems related to staff recruitment or dismissal as well as to comment on the infringements and criminal prosecution of the personnel in compliance with applicable rules and regulations,
11- To supervise and superintend and comment on the legal issues that are somehow related to the executive operations of the company’s projects and present legal services set out or mentioned as the duties of legal affairs department in National Iranian Oil Company’s Statutes and the tender law and/or the resolutions of the general meeting and board of directors,
12- To supervise, control and superintend the acquisition and taking the possession of the lands needed by the company, pay the related sums, pay the damages to those parties at loss (including damages to building site, standing property and farmlands),
13- To supervise the meetings and contractual discussions with the contractors upon the expiry of the contracts in order to settle the possible disputes, make changes and adjust the rates and durations,
14- To supervise the follow-up and relation with officials of ministry of finance and economy and social security organization regarding the procedure and inclusion of direct taxation act and social security insurance premium on the company’s local and foreign contracts,
15- To supervise the contracts in terms of time schedule, to calculate the penalties on delays based on the contract’s provisions, and in collaboration with the applying units and financial department and prepare detailed reports for relevant authorities,
16- To supervise the control and study of contractual negotiations (executive, contracting, insurance etc), and if required, to take part in the negotiations in order to brief the legal stands and policies of National Iranian Oil Co. in Pars Oil and Gas Company,
17- To supervise and superintend the collection of all information related to the domestic and international rules, regulations, resolutions and instructions regarding the subject of company’s activities through access to the official sources, internet networks, international and regional conventions (business, commercial and arbitration laws),
18- To indentify the local and foreign experts and consultants (whether natural and/or legal) and if required, employ, train and make necessary coordination for employing them in legal and contractual areas,
19- To cooperate with inspectors and auditors in order to provide their access to the required information in order to secure their good performance of the missions,
20- To supervise the processing of the reports presented by supervisory bodies including State General Inspection Organization, Ministry of Oil’s Internal Auditing Dept, Audit Office and other bodies and instruct them to prepare reply letters,
21- To supervise and superintend the proceedings of the lawsuits initiated by or against the company including legal litigations, land claims and prepare legal bills and attend at meetings and appear before national and international judicial authorities in order to defend the rights of the company,
22- To join and participate in the meetings of Joint Management Committee in the buyback projects,

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