Human Resources Directorate
Management is the most important factor in the life, growth and development of organizations. Gaining sustainable productivity, creativity, innovation and optimum quality of life is only possible through the proper management of human resources and productive, effective, intelligent and committed manpower.

Human Resources Directorate of Pars Oil and Gas Company, as the executive protector of human assets and in line with the pictured prospect of its power and possibilities, has prepared itself in a frame of defined duties to confront with the upcoming problems of Pars Oil and Gas Company in the projects as well as in the South Pars plans in order to fulfill the following objectives by accomplishing the entrusted duties and paying close attention to the intended objectives:

Increased productivity of human resources, improved incentives, satisfaction, commitment and the organized behavior of the personnel, empowerment of the human resources through appropriate guidelines, protecting and improving the physical and psychological welfare of the personnel and their families, and the development and improvement of the organizational culture and identity are among the goals to achieve as mentioned above.

Marketing the organizational structure and changing the name of the Administrative Management to the Human Resources Directorate with the aim of attracting and recruiting expert and skilled personnel is assigned to the Human Resources Directorate by Pars Oil and Gas Company. Recruiting man power, personnel services, personnel affairs, educating and programming the manpower, ceremonies and the affairs related to foreign employees, (missions abroad for the country's experts), administrative and public services, welfare, sports and support services for the regional plans are all included in the subdivisions of the Human Resources Directorate.

Considering the required manpower based on their skills and the needs of the organization, recruiting the university elites, considering and analyzing the collected data regarding the education and planning of the manpower is among the most important duties of the Human Resources Directorate.

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