Inspection and Corrosion Engineering Department
“Inspection and Corrosion Engineering Department” has the momentous duty of superior supervision on quality control of the projects of Pars Oil and Gas Company in Northern and Southern Pars and other fields under responsibility of P.O.G.C. The responsibility field of “Inspection and Corrosion Engineering Department” is Quality Assurance, Quality Control (QA/QC) and corrosion engineering of the projects and inspection / certification of goods ordered to domestic manufactures.
Responsibilities Quality Assurance activities include:
Supervision of Quality Management System policies as a part of contract to ensure establishment of contractors quality management systems in compliance with requirements of ISO 9000 series. Audit of the QA Management Systems of the contractors involved in the construction; and manufactures of equipment, in addition to material suppliers, including personnel qualifications, procedures and quality plans.
Quality Control Activities Include:
Review of the specifications and procedures to assure compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements and specified standards throughout design, procurement, execution, tests and commissioning steps. Superior supervision, inspection or witnessing any action undertaken during manufacturing / execution to ensure the quality of materials and construction process. Formal audits of contractors, manufacturers and suppliers before and during equipment / goods manufacturing. Random witnessing of destructive and / or nondestructive tests during construction to be assured of proper quality.
Corrosion Engineering Activities Include:
Supervision on execution of Cathodic Protection System, Corrosion Monitoring and Control of Pars Oil and Gas Company’s projects to ensure compliance with international standards. Review of technical specification for technical protection systems of Pars Oil and Gas Company’s projects and assure compliance with technical requirements and validity of design, procurement, execution, tests, construction and superior supervision over construction. Offer specialized reports and failure analysis and investigation of corrosion; and consultation about corrosion management.

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