Oil and Gas Engineering Directorate
Drilling over 500 wells to develop South Pars, North Pars, Golshan and Ferdowsi gas fields is one of the responsibilities of the Pars Oil and Gas Company (P.O.G.C). For this purpose, establishment of scientific and up-to-date management with particular capabilities for planning and conducting this function seems to be so essential; therefore, Oil and Gas Engineering Directorate shall provide the company management with accurate, firm and comprehensive information through organized and regular planning, identifying the developing fields and reservoirs, seismic operation, drilling appraisal wells and uninterrupted reporting. This directorate is comprised of four major departments which are responsible for the following:
Reservoirs Engineering and Petrophysics
The department is responsible for planning and formulating research programs, production, guidance, supervision and following up all reservoir engineering activities and petro- physics. The engineers in this department are also responsible for supervision, preparation and formulation of long and short term plans, general supervision over well drilling daily activities, offering solutions for bottlenecks, general supervision over economic assessments, and interpretation of the different and various logs of oil and gas exploration and development wells through review, survey, calculation and deduction.
Geological and Geophysics Engineering
Planning, supervision, guidance and following up all geological and geophysics activities, as well as geological and geophysics assessments in the fields which are under development, providing reservoir engineering, geophysics and drilling departments' required information; and final comment and superior surveillance over utilizing technical and scientific experiences and principles; applying modern methods and technologies in geophysical affairs of all the fields under the coverage of P.O.G.C are carried out by the outstanding and skillful engineers of the department.
Drilling Engineering
Surveillance over the whole operational and engineering activities for drilling wells and coordinating the special staff and technical services with drilling operation department and other concerned departments, as well as considering the formulated plans, establishment coordination and relationship with the management of the projects and oil engineering and geology concerned offices; preparing report on the result of the executive programs; assessing all expert and technical issues to enhance the quality and quantity of the tasks, and estimating costs are carried out by a group of the most experienced and outstanding engineers in the department.
Operation Engineering
Rendering the best methods and approaches for optimal recovery from oil and gas reservoirs which are under development is among the most important and sensitive tasks of the Oil and Gas Engineering Directorate. The department is to designate and/or determine through which method - water injection, polymer substances injection, increasing the temperature and with regard to the type of reservoir- oil and gas can be produced easier and more economically.

The reservoir experts in charge of studying reservoirs shall prepare and provide the production plan and the manner of planning & control to operation engineers annually and quarterly, so that after receipt of the production guidelines, consider and serve it to the operating company, so that the company with respect to this production guidelines, would go through testing and operating.

Therefore, it can be easily found out that Oil and Gas Engineering Directorate is one of the most important and sensitive departments in POGC. So far, this department has managed to achieve many of its predetermined objectives through benefiting form the latest sciences. Utilizing the best platforms, signing contracts with local companies on constructing and renting drilling platforms, drilling new appraisal wells, carrying out 3D seismic in reservoirs which are under development and many other instances, are just a part of the activities of this directorate.

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