Employing the technical and operational know-how and valuable experiences of its experts and professionals, Oil and Gas Operations Department is in charge of protective production operations of South Pars gas reservoir, and the repair and maintenance of the offshore platforms and pipelines as well as the operation of South Pars Power Plant. The following are the most important divisions of this department;
Offshore platforms operation
This concerns the operation of South Pars gas field wells alongside all required services of the operation platforms and offshore pipelines and consists of operation, control and production strategy, and repair and maintenance of the installations of the platforms and pipelines pigging.
South Pars Power Plant Operation
This unit is in charge of operating the South Pars power plant in Asalouyeh and it is established to provide the power required by the facilities in phases 9, 10. 15. 16. 17 and 18, sweetening services for phases 6, 7, 8, and supporting the power required by phases 1 through 8 and some downstream industries of South Pars Special Economic Zone.
Technical and Engineering Services
This unit consists of process engineering, general engineering, telecommunications and laboratories, and it is mainly in charge of such crucial responsibilities and functions as analyzing the performance of the processing installations, problems and disorders in the processing installations, preparing projects progress reports, assessing the projects and engineering designs, applying new technologies in the installations, cooperation in the maintenance of the installations with other units, technical examination and approval of the items to be purchased, and experimentation and required chemical analysis.
Technical services of the wells
Enjoying the wellhead and well technical equipment and experts, this unit is in charge of planning and supervising all repair operations and the experiments related to wells and reservoirs (Wellhead repairs, well-logging services, static and circulating pressure measuring operations, temperature graph and production graph). There are several subdivisions including well repairs, experimentation and measurement, operational engineering and the reservoirs operations.
All site operations and technical support to perform repairs and maintain the systems (mechanical, electrical, and precision tools) of the offshore platforms are implemented in this unit. The well-equipped workshop in Asalouyeh is in charge of all repairs which are not possible to perform on the platforms.
Marine and air support
This unit operates in three areas of customs formalities, shipping services and helicopter services, and its main duties and responsibilities consist of coordinating the customs formalities and port affairs, supervising the vessels, providing helicopter services for the personnel traffic and transporting the equipment between the onshore and the offshore.
This unit is responsible for establishing production coordination between offshore platforms and the onshore facilities, and provides and regulates all plans related to production and repairs, and ensures the timely implementation of the tasks. In addition, all operational statistics and data are gathered in this unit and presented upon totaling in a periodic order.


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