Performance Inspection and Audit
POGC’s Performance Inspection and Audit Department operates as an independent unit in line with the organization’s policy-makings and procedures under the supervision of the managing director as per the job description assigned to this department in order to supervise the performance of the entity and its compliance with the applicable rules and regulations and obtain assurance that the internal controls are sufficient and that the company’s interests are realized in different departments. This unit operates in the following areas:
Major Activities:
Supervise the compliance with the applicable rules and regulations,
Supervise and examine the internal control system in the company’s departments in order to obtain assurance from the implementation of adequate internal controls for preventing occurrence of mistakes and violations,
Examine the financial instructions and procedures as well as their implementation in capital projects and current activities of the company,
Examine and control all accounts of the financial books as per the approved budgets and rules and codes,
Examine the process for holding company’s tenders and auctions,
Rune and establish a constructive relation with the supervisory bodies,
Examine and evaluate the performance of the contractors and consultants, working for the company under mutual contracts,
Scope of Duties:
The duties of this department within the annual program and activities of the company are as follows:
1-Regular inspection and auditing: This type of inspection and auditing that constitute a major part the department’s operations is carried out within the annual program based on accounting standards and inspection instructions in the ongoing, technical, financial, administrative, commercial and legal projects as well as contracts, etc.
2-Special Inspection and Auditing: carrying out special inspections at the instruction issued by the managing director of the company,
3-Ad-hoc Inspection and Auditing: this type of auditing is carried out based on the matters referred to this department and the complaints received.

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