Project Planning and Control Directorate
Project Planning and Control Directorate is a body that deals with a wide range of services at a top organizational level. Among these services we can mention the strategic planning and management of Pars Oil and Gas Co. for achieving organizational macro goals within short-term and long-term perspectives. The directorate has a special position during the lifecycle of a project. The directorate is responsible for feasibility studies, economic evaluation, participation in providing financial resources and projecting the capital budgets in the initial stages of projects and plans formation.

During the execution of the projects, the said directorate is also responsible for implementing the integrated planning system, as well as time, cost and quality control.

Taking into consideration that South Pars Gas Field is a jointly-owned field, other organizational duties of the said directorate include carrying out reservoir macro studies and supervision on preservative operation of the fields in the company’s possession, and preparing productivity and performance reports. Considering the matchless position of POGC in providing energy at national and international levels, it is essentially important to prepare official reports and all production related information and figures for NIOC and other national and international bodies. This important task is also assigned to this directorate. The directorate is also responsible for IT and computer services throughout the whole organization, which issue is of a particular importance, considering the geographical distribution of executive and staff units of the company in offshore and onshore sections.

The directorate employs four subdivisions to perform a wide range of activities. Among these activities we can mention carrying out and presenting economic feasibility studies for the projects and plans proposed for development of the blocks being in POGC’s possession, preparing and draw-up of agreement for company’s projects and submit them for approval of the Deputy Office of Planning and Strategic Supervision, preparing and updating a macro time and cost schedule for future projects of the company, annual budgeting of the company’s capital projects, supervision on the project management processes of main contractors, and controlling the time and cost of the company’s projects through supervision over the contractors’ performance.

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