Research and technology is the most basic need of a society to achieve progress and development, and making investments in this area in order to meet the requirements of a country is the main passage to sustainable development. A step that needs to be taken at a further speed and efforts is that we should make more use of the outcomes of research in industry. This requires micro and macro planning and the initial measures are already accomplished with the assistance of our colleagues, and with making some of them functional, we have achieved this important step.

10 years after its establishment, the POGC’s R & D Department, has taken the lead in research, oil and gas industry with the assistance of university professors and researchers, and by presenting educational projects, seminars and training courses in different fields, cooperating with different scientific and industrial centers inside and outside the country and establishing relation with young researchers, scientists, experienced professors and the reliable universities of the country.

Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) always welcomes young researchers and creative people, and the experienced scientists in the field of oil and gas, and we hope we can see the result of their works and endeavors in near future.
Pars Oil & Gas Company's Research Center is active in the following areas;

1- Defining the cores of the company's research activities and receiving suggestions and new ideas in the frame of company research projects.
2- Supporting postgraduate student theses in the field of oil and gas industry as students' projects
3- Holding expert seminars
4- Supporting the publication and presentation of papers as well as internal and international gatherings

There are 349 projects already completed or on hand in POGC’s R & D Department from 2001 up to the end of Iranian month of Mordad 1390 (22 Aug. 2011), as follows;

There are 64 research projects, of which 6 projects are currently in progress and 58 projects already completed.

There are 285 student projects, of which 50 projects are in progress and 235 projects already completed.

Other activities carried out by this Department include holding expert seminars in different areas (Introducing the most recent software applications of the world and seminars on reservoirs, drilling, geology, corrosion and IT); This Department has already organized 87 seminars.

It is worth mentioning that during the life of POGC’s R&D Department, 157 papers have been supported. These include research papers, student’s papers and those presented by our colleagues.
R & D Department Tel.: +98 (21) 88989258
R & D Department Fax: +98 (21) 88984731.

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