Projects and Plans Logistics and Support Directorate
Plans and projects support and supply management is in charge of supporting and supplying all plans and projects of the company including oil and gas engineering and operations carried out in the sea, air and land in Bushehr, Choghadak, Kangan, Bandar Dayyer, Asalouyeh port and the Kish Island, with the most notable activities as listed below;
Support services include;
Offshore missions support and services; The Plans and Projects Support and Supply Department is in charge of supplying and providing the vessels required by different units, which are used for the personnel relocation on the platforms, sending fuel to the platforms for drilling operations and so on. These vessels are provided through the company’s financial regulations such as public tender, limited tender and other conditions, in cooperation with the unit which has applied for the vessels. The vessels traffic to transfer the personnel, the request for fuel transport, and also transporting other equipment are carried out considering the conditions of the sea that are controlled according to the regular meteorological reports.

Supporting services for air missions; The Plans and Projects Support and Supply Department is in charge of supplying and providing the requested helicopters for different units. Planning, directing and supervising the implementation of flight services (helicopters) with the main and primary objective of Safety First, and giving priority to the requested emergency flights, coordinating the flight course in transferring the expert personnel of the platforms, and VIP flights are all carried out in compliance with flight safety measures, and in compliance with all security requirements.

Supporting services for onshore missions and transportation; The duty of this department is to clear and transport the purchased goods in and out of the borders, and after the completion of the purchasing process, all the affairs related to land transportation and the traffic of the vehicles in the regions are undertaken by this section.

Providing fuel, water and other related services: The Plans and Projects Support and Supply Department is also responsible for supplying fuel and water, to be consumed on oil and gas platforms, vessels and helicopters in different projects. Fuel and water requested by oil and gas and engineering departments and other units from Oil Products Distribution Co. for different operating sites including Kish Island, Lavan, Asalouyeh port and Bushehr, are purchased and distributed based on different requests for fuel and water, vessels, helicopters, and the supplies required for different platforms.
Procurement services include;
Market and Resources Study; This department is in charge of identifying reliable suppliers and manufacturers, and investigating the possibility of manufacturing within the country or transferring the technology to other national manufacturers.

Classification and Standardization of the Goods; The department is also responsible for collecting and investigating the goods’ papers and documents, as well as the needed spare parts after making coordination with the product applicant, confirming and approving the items and informing the manufacturers and making necessary coordination with the projects managers.

Cargo services; This department is in charge of the transportation issues, customs affairs and also the insurance and bank affairs related to the purchased goods. Orders and purchase; This department is in charge of providing local and foreign supplies and parts with the standard quality and at a reasonable price in the shortest time possible throughout the whole purchasing processes upon receipt of the request form submitted by the ordering department until receiving the warehouse warrant in accordance with applicable regulations.

Warehouses; The warehouses are located in three regions of Chaghadak (North Pars Project Supplies), Asalouyeh (South Pars by phase), and Kish Island (drilling items).

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