Support Services
Support Services Directorate, is responsible for management, planning and providing all support services required by the company in Tehran and other operational sites, including air, marine, land and general services as well as administration and supervision on the performance of contractors who provide support services, supervision of the required rules and instructions and getting assurance from timely and proper presentation of support services needed by all departments of the company.
Most important duties:
1- Signing new contracts for renting all vessels and helicopters and planning for amendment, renewal and execution of contracts according to the capacity enhancement and alteration in the company’s needs,
2- Planning to meet marine support services needed, including water and fuel procurement support, personnel and spare parts transportation and relocation via air and sea, according to the needs of platforms and onshore facilities,
3- Examine, control and provide the annual budget of the Support Services Dept., based on the budget set for its different sections,
4- Provide and supervise training courses for the personnel under administration according to the international requirements, rules and regulations,
5- Administer and supervise on preparation and development of rules, regulations and instructions concerning the transit of the company’s vessels, ships, and helicopters and ensure that they are revised and updated,
6- Administer and supervise on performance of the company’s contractors with respect to providing the required vessels, helicopters, equipment, machinery and fuel and ensure the good execution of services and final endorsement of the statements to be paid to contractors,
7- Examine and approve the orders for purchasing or producing equipment and devices need by different units of Support Services Department,
8- Control and supervise the appropriate compliance with international marine and maritime requirements, regulations and standards,
9- Examine and approve the orders for supply of fuel needed for the company’s helicopters, vessels, vehicles and machinery,
10- Administer and supervise the procurement and supply of fuel needed by vessels, helicopters, vehicles and machinery of the company in operational sites and production platforms,
11- Examine the service requests, issued by company’s managers and directors and plan to provide them through different support services segments,
12- Examine and approve the reports and suggestions presented by different sections of Support Services Department and making decisions with respect to the issues set forth,
13- Examine and approve the proposed contractors for the company in support services tenders and enter into contracts with them,
14- Interact and negotiate with providers of support services and propose remedial solutions in order to present quality services,

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