Belal Gas Field Development
Belal field is located at 30 kilometers southeast of South Pars field and 90 kilometers southwest of Lavan Island at 70 meters water depth in the Persian Gulf at the border of Iran and Qatar.

The oil reservoirs of the field were explored in 1967 and developed by 2000 through a buy back contract with TOTAL Company. Oil production from the field started in 2002.

Gas reservoirs of Belal field were confirmed in 2004 after drilling the first gas exploration well by National Iranian Oil Company’s Exploration Directorate.

Gas in place of the field is estimated to be 3 trillion cubic feet and proven gas condensate in place is more than 100 million barrels.

Considering the excess processing and refinery capacity of South Pars gas field, National Iranian Oil Company has a long term plan in order to optimize the utilization of these existing facilities. In view of the close proximity of Belal field to South Pars, Belal gas field development plan was defined through the integrated development plan of South Pars gas field’s southeast section in 2018 and preliminary activities commenced in 2020.

It is planned to transfer the produced gas and gas condensates at daily rates of 500 million cubic and 15,000 barrels respectively by pipeline to South Pars gas refineries.
Project Objectives:
-Drilling one appraisal-exploration well for exploration evaluation, appraisal and production from gas reservoirs
-Drilling one learning well and six development wells (eight production wells in total) to produce and transfer 500 million cubic feet of sour gas and 15,000 barrels of gas condensates per day to South Pars gas refineries.
Offshore Facilities:
-Construction and installation of wellhead jacket
-Construction and installation of platform with capacity of 500 million cubic feet rich gas per day
-Construction of one offshore pipeline to transfer 500 million cubic feet of three-phase fluid
-Installation of fiber optic cable
In line with the signed contract, Petropars company (as the General Contractor), is responsible for management and integration of the required activities, reservoir studies, drilling designs and preparation of tender documents for subcontracts.

Petropars will carry out EPC and EPD tenders for the required activities under the supervision of Pars Oil and Gas Company to maximize utilization of the many Iranian companies for execution of oil and gas projects.


The required investment is estimated as 440 million dollars which will be allocated by the National Development Fund.


Timeframe for the project until production commencement and according to the defined activities is estimated as 44 months from the effective date of the contract.

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