Projects for Power Generation and Transmission
Besat Concentrated Gas Power Plant
South Pars Besat Centralized Power Plant was implemented in Pars 1 Region to supply the required electricity of the refineries of phases 10 and 9, 16 and 15, 17 and 18, and 20 and 21, and support phases 1 to 8, gas condensate storage facilities and desalination plants as well as industrial loads of the Special Zone Organization.

This project is carried out under an EPC contact by tapping local potentialities up to 51% of the contract value that includes design, purchase, construction, installation, execution of the project and commissioning of six gas turbines with a total nominal capacity of 1000 MW and all ancillary equipment including 132 posts and a 400-kV GIS substation for power generation, the possibility of exchanging electricity with the national grid through 132 and 400 kV communication lines, infrastructure facilities and 132 kV transmission lines from the power plant to various refineries in South Pars. It is worth mentioning that the power plant is currently in operation. Also, with the aim of supplying the required electricity to the refineries located in Kangan, the development section of the power plant consisting of three combined cycle blocks is being implemented, the specifications of which are as follows

Besat Combined Cycle Power Plant
Besat Combined Cycle Power Plant is built near the city of Bidkhoon in order to meet the shortage of electricity production required by refineries located in Kangan region that process the gas recovered from South Pars phases 12, 13, 14, 19, 22-24, Siraf refinery complex and also to increase the stability of Pars Oil and Gas Company in Assaluyeh and Kangan regions. Farab Company was the main develop of the project which was carried out under an EPC contract.

This 480 MW power plant will be implemented in the development section of Besat Centralized Power Plant and includes three combined cycle blocks with a power generation capacity of 160 MW per block under ISO conditions.

Each block has two Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and a steam turbine, a 200 MW incremental transformer, an air cooled condenser (ACC) system and other ancillary equipment.

The general process of electricity generating is based on the passage of hot air from the flue of existing gas turbines into the HRSG boilers and the use of their high temperature to produce steam without any use of additional fuel.

Efficiency of South Pars Besat Power Plant is expected to increase from about 30% to about 53% with the construction of the combined cycle section.

The plant is also equipped with an MED freshwater production unit with a capacity of 8000 cubic meters per day.

The production capacity of this strategic power plant will be sent to Kangan region by 400 kV substation and 67 km transmission lines and then reduces to 132 kv in Kangan to be sent to refineries in the region by four-circuit aerial network.

Project start time: March 1, 2014
Date of Completion of the 1st Block: May 21, 2021
Investment amount: €424.4 million
132/400 kV substation in Kangan

In order to supply electricity to the refineries in Pars 2 region, construction of the mentioned substation with a capacity of 1000 MW, including two transformers of 500 MW and two substations of 400 and 132 kV, has been awarded to Parsian Company under an EPC contract.

The 132/400 kV GIS substation of Pars 2 Oil includes two 400 and 132 kV switchboards. This substation is equipped with two 500 MW transformers, including 8 single-phase transformers, and can supply a total transmission capacity of 1000 MW, and connection of 7 power plants.

Electricity supply of all refinery uses in Kangan region, including phases 12, 13, 14, 19, 22-24 and Siraf refinery complex is done through this substation.

This substation is equipped with a fire detection and extinguishing system, a 1.5 MW diesel generator and an advanced CCTV system. This substation is connected to the Besat Centralized Power Plant in Assaluyeh by a 400 kV dual-circuit transmission line and can receive 1000 MW. Also, the power plant of Iran Gas Liquefaction Company is connected to this substation by a dual-circuit overhead line and delivers its power output to this substation.

Start Date: December 22, 2013
Completion Date: November 27, 2019
Investment amount: €22 million

132/400 kV power transmission lines in Pars 1 and 2 regions:
The main substations of Pars 1 and 2 regions are connected by a 400 kV dual-circuit line with a capacity of 1000 MW per circuit, and the refineries of Pars 1 and 2 development projects are connected by two networks of 132 kV four-circuit transmission lines. The 132 and 400 kV power substations of Pars 1 region are also connected to the national grid by 400 kV transmission lines, and through these lines, energy exchange with the national grid and refineries is done. At present, most of the mentioned lines are completed and under operation.

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