Phase 1
Phase 1 of the development project has been designed and implemented aiming at producing 28 MMscm/d of natural gas.
The objectives of this project are as follows:
Producing 25 MCM /d of natural gas;
Producing 40,000bl/d of gas condensate for export;
Producing 200,000 tons/d of Sulfur for export;
The contract lump sum is $780 million

In line with strengthening the domestic industries and in implementation of this project, the share of local players has been materialized by 65%.
Offshore Facilities:
The offshore facilities of this phase are located 105 km far from Asalouyeh port and include two platforms with 12 wells, a process platform, a residential platform with the capacity to accommodate 92 persons, 18 inch under sea pipeline with approximate length of 5.5 km for transferring gas from production platform to process platform, a 32 inch under sea pipeline with length of 105 km for transferring gas and gas liquids to the onshore refinery, a 30 inch export pipeline with 3 km length and a Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) terminal . Gas and gas condensate are transferred through a two phased method.
Onshore Facilities:
The onshore facilities of this phase consist of gas and gas condensate receiving and separation unit, gas condensate stabilization unit, sweetening unit, dehydration and demercaptanization unit, adjusting gas dew point and compression for transferring and recovery and granulation unit.
The Buy- Back development project for phase 1 of South Pars gas field was awarded to Petropars in January 1998.phase 1 officially came onto stream with presence of the then esteemed president of I.R. of Iran in October 2004.

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