Phase 15&16
The objectives of the development of these phases are as follows:
Producing 50 million cubic meters of natural gas per day;
Producing 80,000 barrels of gas condensate per day;
Annual production of 1.05 million tons of liquid gas "LPG", propane and butane;
Annual production of 1 million tons of ethane as feedstock for the petrochemical industry; and
Daily production of 400 tons of sulfur.
Offshore and Onshore Facilities:
Two production platforms with 22 wells, two 32" submarine pipelines for transferring gas , 115 kilometers;
Two 4.5" pipelines for transferring MEG, 100 kilometer; and
Gas sweetening units and related utilities.

The onshore refinery of this project will be constructed in Asalouyeh, in the vicinity of phase 17&18.

The executive operation of these phases commenced in July 2007 in the presence of the president of I.R. of Iran.

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