Phase 19
Production Capacity from the Reservoir: 2 BSCFPD.
Offshore facilities:
Number of wells: 21 wells (drilling of 15 new wells + 6 wells in SPD2 platform, phase 1)
Number of offshore Platforms: 4 platforms (2 main platforms + 2 satellite platforms).
The existing SPD2 platform in phase one will be one of the two satellite platforms.
Main Pipelines: Two 32” pipes to transfer gas from the main platforms to the onshore processing unit,
totaling 260km together with two 4.5” pipelines for MEG injection.
Infield pipelines: Two 18” cladded pipelines to transfer gas from the satellite platforms to the main platforms inlet, totaling 12km.
Onshore Processing Unit:
Gas and input liquids are processed in this unit, producing the following products:
50 MSCMPD of refined gas.
1.1 MT/year of liquefied gas for export.
77 thousand barrels/day of gas condensates for export
1 MT/year of Ethane gas to feed the petrochemical plants,
Sulphur (by product of gas sweetening process): 400 MT/day for export.
Contractor (Joint Venture):
PetroPars Company
Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Co.

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