Phases 2&3
The project for development of phases 2 and 3 has been designed and implemented to produce 56MMscm/d of natural gas.
The objectives of developing these phases are as follows:
Daily production of 50 million cubic meters of natural gas;
Daily production of 80,000 bl of gas condensate;
Daily production of400 tons of Sulfur;
The lump sum of the contract is $ 2012 million; and
The share of local players amounting to 32% has been materialized.

Gas and gas condensate are transferred from the offshore platforms to onshore refinery through a three phased method.
Offshore Facilities:
Two gas production platforms and recovery from 20 wells;
Two 32 inch under sea pipeline for transferring gas to the onshore refinery; and
Two 4.5 inch pipeline for injecting Mono Ethyl Glycol (MEG).
Onshore Facilities:
The refineries of phases 2 and 3 have been constructed in an area of 150 hectares and include the following:
Four gas and gas condensate receiving and separation units;
Gas condensate stabilization unit;
Gas sweetening unit;
Gas dehydration unit;
Gas dew pointing, demercaptanization and compression for transfer;
Sulfur recovery and granulation; and
Mono Ethyl Glycol regeneration unit.

The contract for development of phases 2 and 3 was awarded to South Pars Total Group (40%),Gazprom of Russia and Petronas of Malaysia(30%each).The refinery came into fruition officially in January 1993 in presence of the then esteemed president of I.R.of Iran.

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