Phases 9&10
The development plan for phases 9 & 10 has been designed to produce 56 MMscm/d from the reservoir. The project is being implemented.
The objectives of developing phases 9 and 10 are as follows:
Daily production of 50 MMscm/d of natural gas;
Daily production of 80,000 bl of gas condensate;
Annual production of 1 million tons of ethane; and
Annual production of 1.05 million tons of liquid gas, butane and propane (LPG); and
Daily production of 400tons of sulfur.
Offshore Facilities:
Two offshore gas production platforms with 24 gas wells, some 105 kilometers from the main land;
Two 32" submarine pipelines for transferring gas to the onshore refinery; and
Two 4.5" pipelines for transferring Glycol.
Onshore Facilities:
Gas and condensate receiving and separation unit, gas condensate stabilization unit, gas sweetening and dehydration unit, natural gas, ethane, propane and butane cooling and separation unit, Demercaptanization unit;Gas compression unit for being transferred, Sulfur recovery and granulation unit; and MEG recovery unit.

The project for development of these phases has been awarded to a joint venture of GS of South Korea, Oil Industries Engineering and Construction Company (OIEC) and Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC), in September 2002.The share of Iranian players in this contract exceeds 60%.

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