Supplementary plans
In order to complete and optimally exploit the ongoing projects of Pars Oil and Gas Company, several supplementary plans have been devised and their implementation is pursued simultaneously with the progress of the projects.

Likewise, in order to coordinate, prioritize resources and streamline the projects in line with the vision and lofty goals of Pars Oil and Gas Company, these plans and projects are concentrated at the Supplementary Projects Management.

At present, in addition to the supplementary plans of the operational phases of South Pars, some of the supplementary plans defined for the company are as follows:
-The project to build South Pars gas condensate storage and measurement facilities
-The project of building the gas condensate demercaptanization (DMC) unit of phases 2 and 3 refineries of South Pars
-Inter-phase pipeline construction project
-Inter-refinery pipeline construction project

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