Inspection and Response to Complaints
The Most Important Duties and Responsibilities Related to Inspection and Response to Complaints:
1. Monitoring the units affiliated with the organization in order for identification of the weaknesses in the controls and methods as well as struggling to strengthen the organization based on the interests of the Ministry of Petroleum.
2. Monitoring all contracts of the company, including those of the main contractors of projects and support projects as well as those related to consultation and manpower supply in order to ensure compliance with the instructions and regulations of the petroleum industry and the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
3. Steering the annual inspection plans according to the general perspectives and policies of the company, long-term plans within the framework of the relevant bylaws and regulations, and monitoring the implementation of the plan.
4. Monitoring all support services dedicated to plans and projects, renting machinery, providing services to third parties and contractors.
5. Organizing and monitoring investigations and inspections in all units of the company in order for detecting deficiencies, investigating the cases which are against rules and regulations, and ensuring the accurate implementation of the rules and regulations.
6. Superintending and monitoring the documentation of all processes, engineering and design of projects and utilization of assets and determining the ownership status of the property, buildings and facilities of the company.
7. Monitoring the results of the investigation, performing the necessary controls and ensuring that the existing controls are sufficient and effective enough to prevent the occurrence of errors, fraud and other possible damages.
8. Monitoring the strict implementation of the administrative and recruitment regulations of the petroleum industry, including appointments and promotions, competency-based additions, salaries, bonuses and missions inside and outside the country, attendance, and medical treatment of personnel, etc.
9. Confirming the reports pertaining to the management of the contractors' complaints about the situation.
10. Monitoring the process and confirming the reports pertaining to the management of the violations of the employees in different parts of the organization, including violations related to recruitment, transfers, appointments and promotions, sports and social work affairs, and public and rental housing.
11. Monitoring the timely provision of information about the rules and regulations for employees and clients with the aim of honoring the clients.
12. Monitoring the management of in-person and written complaints of people (clients) against the units and employees of the company.
13. Confirming the results of the investigation, investigating the accuracy of the subject of complaints and monitoring the follow-up until the final result is obtained in order to respond to the plaintiff.
14. Monitoring the receipt of opinions and suggestions of specialized units in connection with the received complaints in order to handle and provide responses to the plaintiffs.
15. Monitoring the satisfaction of different units and the way managers and employees deal with the client, and presenting the results to the administrative affairs unit to apply in their employment status and fringe benefits within the framework of relevant laws and regulations.
16. Monitoring the investigation and accountability regarding the referrals to the supervisory and inspection bodies.
17. Establishing relations with the General Inspection Organization of Iran and fulfilling the duties mentioned in Article 12 of the law on the establishment of the General Inspection Organization, Article 88 and 90 Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the polling units of mass media and press.
18. Monitoring the existing problems and violations with inspection experts and struggling to solve them.

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