With the aim of exporting gas refinery products (including Sulphur) and importing the required equipment and materials for construction of refineries in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, the giant Pars Port Complex is in operation in Pars 1 area along with the ongoing construction of Tombak port in Pars 2 area.

Siraf Pars Export Port
Construction operations in Tombak port, as the only service port of National Iranian Oil Company in Pars 2 area, commenced in the March of 2014 and has reached 88% physical progress.

General specifications of this project are:
-Construction of east and west breakwaters of 1,757 and 2,900 meters length respectively, of caisson and rubble
-Construction of two LPG export jetties with loading capacity of 15,000 cubic meters per hour for gas condensate export by 5,000 to 50,000-ton floating vessels
-Sulphur export jetty with 1,000 tons per hour capacity for 5,000 to 50,000-ton (DWT) floating vessels
-Two Sulphur storage facilities each of 43,000 tons capacity and Sulphur export terminal
-Construction of port’s office and operations buildings in an area of 2,000 square meters
-Dredging operations
-Construction of LPG transfer pipelines of more than 52 meters for transfer of LPG products from phases 13, 19, 22, 23 and 24 to the port for export

Contractor for construction of this port is Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarters (Omran Sahel Institute). Construction of LPG export facilities and unit 149 of phases 22, 23 and 24 is also in progress by Petro Sina Arya Company under an EPC contract.

At the time of operation, this service port at 35 meters water depth is considered as one of the region’s deep ports.

Pars Port Complex
Pars Port Complex includes service ports 1 and 2 encompassing 10 jetties and 2 floating buoys with minimum and maximum draft of 11 and 15 meters respectively and a length of 2,600 meters to receive up to 80,000-ton capacity ships. It is considered as one of the largest industrial ports in the Persian Gulf. Operational floating buoys in this area can receive ships of maximum 320,000 tons capacity (for gas condensate loading).

Considering the existing facilities, potentials and advantages of Pars Port Complex along with its convenient geographical location, this port can compete with the large ports in the Persian Gulf region. In view of the huge amount of domestic and foreign investments on South Pars gas field, the existence of Pars Port is one of the reasons in attracting investors for import and export purposes in the region.

-Mooring capacity for 25 ships simultaneously
-Discharge capacity for extra heavy equipment and materials of more than 1,000 tons considering the caisson structure of jetties 1 and 2
-Onshore power generation for operating vessels
-Nominal capacity of 1 million ton Sulphur as granule, 3 million containers, 6 million tons of refinery equipment and 30 million tons of gas condensates and chemicals per year
-Mooring capacity for ships with 18-meter draft and 80,000 tons capacity
-Discharge capacity for Special Zone’s Pars 2 refinery equipment

-Close proximity to South Pars projects
-Close proximity to industrial cities Shiraz and Isfahan
-Located in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone
-Close proximity to national railway in the future
-Close proximity to the International Persian Gulf airport
-Availability of certified companies for discharge, loading and transport in port’s surrounding areas
-Suitable infrastructures for shipping considering the water depth in the shore

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