Residential complexes
Jam residential complex
This complex is built at 70 kilometers from Asalouyeh to provide living quarters for personnel of Pars Oil and Gas Company, South pars Gas Complex, Pars Special Economic Energy Zone and Oil Terminals in Jam city over an area of 166 hectares. The complex is developed through the following phases:
Phase 1: construction of 372 housing units in Tohid complex
Phase 2: construction of 1028 housing units in Shahid Tondgouyan complex
Phase 3: construction of 357 housing units out of which 261 units are completed and the remaining 96 units are at the final stage of completion
Phase 4: is planned for construction of 1000 housing units in the future

Shirino residential-recreational complex
The current Shirino residential complex is located at 25 kilometers from Asalouyeh in an area of 50 hectares to provide living quarters and recreational facilities for Pars Oil and Gas Company’s personnel. This complex includes the following phases:
Phase 1: construction of the coastal (southern) site comprising 50 villa units and restaurant
Phases 2 and 3: 108-unit and 296-unit residential complexes in the northern site
Phase 4: auxiliary service buildings including sports complex, conference hall …

In addition, required studies for completion and future development of firefighting and sanitary water networks, green spaces’ irrigation and wastewater treatment system in Shirino complex have been finalized.

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