For exportation of Petrochemical Industry products and importation of material required for construction of Pars District refineries and also exportation of the sulfur produced in these refineries, two large ports are under construction and operation in Pars District.
Pars Service Harbor
Covering a 150 hectare area, this harbor has two breakwaters-2300 and 1000 meters long. With a 100 hectare basin, this harbor can accommodate 80.000 DWT vessels. The nominal capacity of this port is 10 million ton per year which includes loading one million tons of sulfur granules together with unloading three million tons of containers and six million tons of refineries equipment and material. There are ten berths suitable for contemporaneous berthing of ten vessels in this harbor. Ships draught near the berths is minimum 11 and maximum 15 meters.
Petrochemical Harbor
In line with commissioning schedule of the petrochemical complex, the Petrochemical Harbor will be constructed in three phases beginning in 2005 through 2007. This harbor has 15 berths and can accommodate 80.000 DWT specialized petrochemical products carrying vessels.

The nominal capacity of this harbor is 30 million tons per year, of which it is expected that 26 million tons will be the exported as liquid petrochemical products.

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