Central Power Plant (Besat) Project
Generating the electric energy required for processing units in phases 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, and 21 development projects, supporting the power supply for the processing units in phases 1 through 8 and industrial loads of Special Zone Organization in Pars 1 Zone and the processing units in phases 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, 22 to 24 development projects and the dehydrating unit in Pars 2 Zone.
Main Projects:
Pars 1 Central Power Plant (Besat) Project

Pars.1 Central Power Plant has been designed to generate 1500 MW and it consists of two sections: gas turbines and combined cycle system. The gas turbine project was completed by MAPNA Group and it is now put into operation. The project consists of 6 generator turbines installed with the capacity of generating 157 MW of power in each unit, together with all side equipment. There are plans in the agenda to develop the combined cycle system of the project with 3 generator turbines.

Pars 2 Central Power Plant (Akhtar)

Pars 2 Central Power Plant with a nominal capacity of 1500 MW has been projected in the form of combined cycle system. This project is in the stage of providing resources and selecting the executive contractor.

400 KV and 132 KV Power Transmission Lines

Pars 1 and 2 Central Power Plants and the processing units of development projects, are connected with 132 KV transmission line network and the power plant substations are connected to the national network through 400 KV transmission lines; the exchange of energy with the national network is carried out through these lines. The construction of these lines have been completed in Pars 1 Zone and they are under construction in Pars 2 Zone.
Side Projects:
Construction of Pars 1 dehydrating unit with the voltage level of 6, 33 and 132 KV
Development of Substation 3 with the voltage level of 33 and 132 KV., related to phases 9-10,
Construction of the 132 KV cable line between Pars 1 Central Power Plant and Dehydrating Unit 2,
20-inch gas pipeline branched from phases 9-10 processing unit, for supplying the gas for start-up of phases 15-16, 17-18, and 20-21, water sweetening unit 2 and Besat Central Power Plant.

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